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neighborhood revitalization plan

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To encourage housing and building improvements in Humboldt, the City has adopted a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan. The Plan provides for tax refunds to any property owner who makes at least $3,000 in improvements to residential housing, or at least $5,000 in improvements to commercial or industrial buildings, which are located in the designated eligible areas of the City.

How Does the Plan Work?
Any eligible property owner who wishes to make improvements must first obtain an approved building permit from City Hall. When the improvements have been completed, the building permit is submitted to the County Appraiser for appraisal of the improvements made. If the appraisal of the improvements is at least $3,000 (residential) or $5,000 (commercial/industrial), the County will set aside money to refund future taxes paid by the property owner on the value of the new improvements.

How Long Will the Property Tax Refunds Last?
The Plan provides for a 100% tax refund if the additional tax paid on the value of the new improvements during the first six years and a limited refund for the next four years. The amount of the refund will be determined by how many other taxing districts in addition to the city agree to participate in the plan (i.e. USD 258, Allen County and Allen Community College.)

What Areas of Humboldt Have Been Designated for Improvements?
To be eligible for the tax refund, the improved property must be located within the City limits. See map below.

How Can I Find Out More Information?
If you would like more information about the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, please contact City Hall at (620) 473-3232, or write:
City of Humboldt
P O Box 228
Humboldt KS 66748

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